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Department : Waste Water Treatment

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176 Lake Ave

Brocton, NY 14716

Phone: (716) 792-4687

Chief Operator: Rich Lewis

Operator: Aaron Willebrandt

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     The Village of Brocton Water Pollution Control Facility (BWPCF) was built in the early 1980's going online in Oct 1983. The facility was originally designated to treat 237,000 gallons of wastewater per day. With a number of upgrades completed over the past 30 years to treat additional wastewater from a growing community and the Department of Corrections Lakeview Shock Facility.  

     These upgrades over the past years have made the facility one of the most modern wastewater plants in the area, with a capacity of 658,000 gallons per day. the facility today is utilizing the technology and treatment parameters of Active Sludge, by means of Sequencing Batch reactors (SBR's). The wastewater is treated in a number of phases, pretreatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment, disinfection, and solids handling. The BWPCF consists of 5 pump stations, numerous tanks, 8 buildings and over 10 miles of sewer mains. Currently there is a staff of two full time employees.

     The staff at the BWPCF would be pleased to have the public visit our facility which represents a significant investment by the entire community.

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