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Welcome to the Village of Brocton, NY

The Village of Brocton has been incorporated since 1894. It services include Highway, Water, Sewer and Electric for it's estimated 1500 inhabitants.

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Please take notice of an amended Local Law No.2-1989 Regarding Vehicle and Traffic


Section 1.    Title

This local law shall be entitled Local Law No.2 of 2023 “Amendment to Local Law No. 2-1989 Regarding Vehicle & Traffic.”

Section 2.    Purposes

The Village Board having been advised that there have been issues caused by people parking on the area between the sidewalk and the curb making it difficult to plow during the winter and for people to navigate the sidewalk.

Section 3.    Amendment

Section 353-7a is hereby added to the Parking Law of the Village of Brocton and shall read as follows:

All-night Parking will be prohibited within the Village of Brocton between 1:00am and 6:00am during the period beginning November 1st, and ending March 31st, of each year on all highways within the Village of Brocton and also no vehicle shall stop, stand, or park between the sidewalk and the curb line or if there is no sidewalk within 8 feet of the paved street and further no vehicle shall stop, stand, or park on any sidewalk.

Section 4.    Effective Date

          This local law has been adopted and is in effect.


November 7, 2023




*First Monday of each month* - April through November 

Residents are asked not to put brush out by the curb side more than 48 hours (weekend before)

prior to pick up day.  Also, brush must be piled on the curb side in an

orderly manner and be no more than 4 feet in length and 6 inches in

diameter.  On this pick up we will take bagged leaves & grass clippings.  We will not pick up

piles of dirt or grass clippings that are piles out by the roadside.   Anyone putting anything else

out by the roadside will be issued a citation and will be made to clean it up themselves.   

On Monday holidays, brush will be picked up on Tuesday. 



               In the Village of Brocton, both State and Local codes require that no person or organization shall

               begin to excavate, construct, enlarge, alter, remove, improve, demolish, convert, or change the

               nature of a building occupancy, repair, install any mechanical equipment, or systems such as

               plumbing, heating, electrical, fire suppression, or detection system without first having applied

               for and obtained a building & zoning permit. Other projects such as re-roofing, swimming pools,

               decks, sheds, fences, and signs also require permits. Property owners are encouraged to contact

               the Code Enforcement Office at 716-792-9614 Ext: 4 (now located at the Town of Portland

               office building 87 W. Main Street) before starting any construction project to determine if any

               permits are required. 




Legal Notices


Independent Energy Efficiency Program
Posted on 2021-10-26


Village of Brocton to Join the Independent Energy Efficiency Program, Inc. (IEEP)


Rebate Forms: (If you are unable to print a form, they are also available at Village Hall for your convenience.)






Brocton, New York – The Brocton Village Board is pleased to announce the passing of a resolution to join the Municipal Electric Utilities Association’s Independent Energy Efficiency Program, Inc. The IEEP was established in 2001 and has invested over $52 million in a variety of commercial, industrial and residential energy efficiency programs designed for New York State’s municipal electric utilities. Currently, thirty-five municipal systems participate in the IEEP program.


Under New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, all New Yorkers are charged with aggressive goals including 70% renewable energy by 2030, achieving 100% zero-emission electricity by 2040 and reducing greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide at least 85% by 2050. By offering energy efficiency programs to customers, the Village of Brocton will demonstrate our commitment to energy efficiency and will support the State’s energy and environmental goals.


Energy efficiency programs can reduce costs by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. All Brocton Electric customers will contribute to the IEEP by paying $1 for every 1,000-kilowatt hours consumed, with an average residential customer paying between $8-$15 per year.


The Village of Brocton and the IEEP and will begin to offer these programs in 2022. The programs will offer awareness, education, and incentives designed to encourage Brocton’s electric customers to install high efficiency lighting and heating systems, increase building insulation levels, and to purchase EnergyStar® labeled appliances, among other offerings.


More information on future programs will be provided in the upcoming months. To learn more about the IEEP, visit the website at

Water Quality Reports
Posted on 2020-05-31

North County Water District

City of Dunkirk

Waterways Trail Map
Posted on 2019-09-06

Informational brochure on Chautauqua waterways. Great resource for kayaking

Waterway Trail Map / Brochure

Properly Managing Yard Waste
Posted on 2019-08-02

Lake Erie Watershed Protection Brochure

Village of Brocton Winter Parking Reminder
Posted on 2018-11-29

As a reminder from November 1st thru April 1st we request no parking on Village roads from the hours of 2am-6am.  Along with this, we ask you please do not park on sidewalks and abide by the municipal parking lot markings, i.e. 24-hour parking, etc. 

Facebook Page
Posted on 2018-09-21

Check out our new Facebook page at or @VOBrocton 

Posted on 2018-05-08

The Village of Brocton would like to thank those who helped organize and those who participated in the Community Cleanup held on May 6, 2018


Attention Village of Brocton Residents
Posted on 2018-04-10

  The Village would like to remind residents in the event of storms causing power outages to please prepare ahead of time if you will be in need of anything that requires electricity such as oxygen.  If you need immediate emergency help, we ask that you please call 911.

Water Test Results
Posted on 2017-06-23

VILLAGE OF BROCTON - 3 Yr, Lead & Copper

Record of Samples

Swimming Pool Permits
Posted on 2016-07-25

Click here for more information

Do you know about this?
Posted on 2015-02-06


Chautauqua County Office For The Aging  

Keeping Seniors Safe, Healthy and Living Independently!

Adult Day & Respite Care

 Dietician & Nurse Consultation

Elder Abuse Prevention & Investigation

Exercise/Wellness Classes

Health & Rx Insurance Counseling

Heating Assistance

In-Home (Personal) Care Services

55+ Employment/Training

Caregiver Assistance

Legal Services

Medical Transportation

Meal Programs

Nursing Home Ombudsman

Senior Safety Tools

Computer Training

Hospital to Home Assistance

Home Repairs & Handicap Adaptation

Visit The Website

Visit one of our 3 locations:

Dunkirk (716) 363-3865 | Jamestown (716) 661-8940 | Mayville (716) 753-4471 

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